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Saturday, September 29, 2012

"A New Cycle Of All-Encompassing Light ..." Harmony Inspiration #100 - 9/23 - 9/29 2012

Waking Up ... Do You Still Blame or Do You See, Can You See Souls Everywhere Grasping Like You for Meaning, Fulfillment ... Unconditional Love?  ... Expressions of Developing Creations at Different Levels ...

Do You Realize, Can You Realize that It Is Not the Others, Not the They, Not the Them, It's All About You and Your Clear Awareness of Your Unbreakable Connection to Creation that Reveals Your Light and Banishes Your Darkness (Your Unaware Light).  

Why Do You Create Illusions of Battles Against Yourself and Think that They Are Real Battles that Exist in the World? 

Could It Be Fear of the Intangible and the Belief in All Things Besides The Unconditional Love that Created You? 
~Dr. Seshatms Maatnefert

... removing the blocks to
the awareness of love's presence, which is your natural
inheritance. The opposite of love is fear, but what is all encompassing can have no opposite.

Nothing real can be threatened.
Nothing unreal exists.
Herein lies the peace of (Creation).  

(A Course In Miracles)


Your Friend In Harmony, Truth, Love & Light

Dr. Seshatms Maatnefert

Saturday, September 22, 2012

"How Much of Your World is Created by You?" Harmony Inspiration for Week of 9/16/2012

"You Have Given Everything You See 
The Meaning that It Has for You."

...with this in mind, how does this impact your world, its meaning and your ability to change your circumstances? 

Course of Miracles and Dr. Seshatms
You Are Harmony Inspiration for Week of 9/16/2012

Monday, September 10, 2012

" Key To Your Life" Harmony Inspiration for Week 9/9/2012 of

What is the Key to Your Life? You Have the Answer Right Now. 

Start by Forgiving Yourself. You Are Innocent.
 Now Start Again and Again and Again ...

... You Are Doing Good, NO Time is Lost because Time Never Stopped. 

It's between You and The Divine within You. 

You Are Harmony Post #98 
 Dr. Seshatms Maatnefert (c) 2012

Thursday, September 6, 2012

"Your Mind is Already Enlightened ..."Harmony Inspiration for Week of 9/2/2012

"When You Know that  ...

All Is Light,  You Are Enlightened."

Shared by Dr. Seshatms Maatnefert 2012 (c)
Harmony Inspiration of Week 9/2/2012

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

" Harmony Inspiration for Week of 8/26/2012-"Your Divinity Emerges from Unclear Situations in Your Life"

This past Sunday, I saw what could had nearly been a hundred Lotus flowers in a river. It was an amazing sight. Traditionally, the symbolic meaning of a lotus deals with ascension (realizing, accepting and using the wisdom that already exists within you). When you see or imagine the lotus unfolding its petals beautifully in the midst of muddy, murky soils you can liken yourself unfolding as a divine being emerging out of unclear situations or states of consciousness. The lotus flower in nature tells you there is beauty in all things as long as you have the inner eyes to select only the beauty among you. Nature can reveal messages to you that enhances the idea that love, peace, harmony and *regular renewal are key to igniting the new emotional highs and realities in your life.

*Regular renewal requires constant attention and work in those areas in your life that you seek for yourself. You may say to yourself, "Why does it take work? Why can it not just come with a simple asking?" Well, think about it. You probably work hard at getting what you don't want. You think about what you don't want constantly. You talk about what you don't want regularly. Seems a matter of choice to switch your thoughts, conversation and actions towards what you want and how you (Not others) will bring it about. 

Release Blame and Judgment. Practice True Forgiveness. This takes courage and strength to accept what is and draw the power from within yourself to see how situations are here to make you who you are so you can have your heaven on earth.

Remember to regularly renew your thoughts when those other unwanted thoughts come in. Harmony, peace, love ... take work as does any reality in your life does. It's there waiting to be recognized, ignited and sustained.

Do this for a full day, then a full week and continue to add on ...

I am about to begin my day and practice what I wrote. :-)

 Let me know how that works for you.

~Dr. Seshatms Maatnefert

You Are Harmony Inspiration, Week of 8/26/2012

Sunday, August 12, 2012

"Your Stillness Has Your Answers and Your Faith Comes in Your Movement"You Are Harmony Inspiration, Week of 8/12/2012

Who can (make) the muddy water (clear)? Let it be still, and it will gradually become clear. Who can secure the condition of rest? Let movement go on, and the condition of rest will gradually arise. 

Commentary: Is there uncertainty ...  anxiety ... fear ... restlessness ... in your life? That is the "muddy water" in your life. The Answers and Peace lay in your Stillness. You know how to achieve Your Stillness, so listen and do so. This is your Real Guru & Master Teacher. The Elders, Gurus and Master Teachers in your life "Bring you Back to Where You Left Yourself."

The (state of) vacancy should be brought to the utmost degree, and that of stillness guarded with un-weary vigor. All things alike go through their processes of activity, and (then) we see them return (to their original state). When things (in the vegetable world) have displayed their luxuriant growth, we see each of them return to its root. This returning to their root is what we call the state of stillness; and that stillness may be called a reporting that they have fulfilled their appointed end. 

Commentary: Guarding and Protecting your Vacancy/Stillness/Peace of Mind will save your Life and your Sanity. It means to have Faith in Your Inner-Teacher that you call Divinity by many names, though really is nameless. All people and situations  - good, bad and indifferent are in your life to help you strengthen your faith in the Power that Gave you Life, Protects & Loves You and wants you to have Harmony, Health & Happiness in your Life if you so choose. Release that Ego (Fear-based, Conditioning and Lack) and Embrace Unconditional Love (Universal Trust, Divine Messages Not of Your Circle of Influences).


Thus it was that when faith (in the Tao/Divinity) was deficient (in the rulers/teachers/elders/gurus) a want of faith in them ensued (in the people). 

Commentary: Here is where you write your own commentary because you already know what it means to yourself. I Trust and Know that you have the Right Answer. What is it?

Lao Tze, Dr. Seshatms Maatnefert's Commentaries and Your Commentaries

 You Are Harmony Inspiration, Week of 8/12/2012